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Everything you need to know about the Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant.

If you have been looking for the best Chinese restaurant in Ghana, then your search well and truly ends with the Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant.imperial-peking-chinese-restaurant

 In both locations of the Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant, the recipes have been created from the Traditional Peking dishes that can suit all sorts of contemporary and cosmopolitan palates. Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant offers an enchanting mix of herbs and seasoning in its recipes to create delicious dishes. Food at the Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant is impeccably good because its team of chefs have managed to create the perfect blend of nutritious Ghanaian produce with the delicious flavors of Asia. The diversely rich options in the menu have ensured that Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant continues to make people coming back for more. They have completely mastered the Peking tradition in their recipes which ensures that their offerings are second to none. 

A look at Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant through numbers and figures 

The Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant has been running its operations for more than 17 years now and in that time-span they have served more than 350,000 customers. They have a team of around 120 members and they cater more than 100 Chinese dishes to their customers. Their selection of assorted wines is also top-class and second to none!

What makes Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant the best Chinese Restaurant in Ghana?

The Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant is one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Accra and the whole of Ghana because of several reasons. It’s an upscale palace which has some very attentive staff. It provides an absolute five-star ambience along with a diversely rich Chinese menu. This place is often frequented by couples, young and old, because its ambience makes for a very romantic date. The ambience is just right and manages to strike a chord with majority of the visitors. It isn’t too casual, neither it is too study so the efforts of the team at The Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant definitely need to be applauded for getting the ambience flawlessly right for the majority of its visitors. Their excellent and diversely rich range of food options along with impeccable and top-class service has indisputably made it the finest Chinese Restaurant in all of Ghana without any parallel whatsoever.


What makes Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant better than most other Chinese Restaurants in Ghana?

There might be many Chinese restaurants in Ghana but people love visiting the Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant again and again because when all factors are into consideration, it shapes up to be a top-class eating destination. There’s a rich variety on offer which is available in decent size portions. Further you won’t have to break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy a nice meal at Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant because the prices are rather affordable. It is for these combinations of reasons that Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant is widely recognized as the absolute best Chinese Restaurant in Ghana. It is highly recommended for its absolutely value-for-money offerings and top-class ambience and impeccable service. Further since the restaurant is based in a prime location you won’t face any problems related to parking as there are ample parking options. Further the restaurant has great décor. The restaurant can also be considered for lunches with friends or family because it provides immaculate catering services.


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